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Hi-Tech’s line of circuit detectives shows just that kind of intelligent design. Just plug the transmitter into the circuit you want to find, go to the breaker box and the receiver shows you the breaker you’re looking for.

It’s almost like being in two places at once.


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Digital technology allows design enhancements that have not been possible with typical circuits. The accuracy and reliability can be greatly improved, without increasing costs. The magic is in the design application. The challenge is to harness the immense processing power of "the chip" and focus it on streamlining jobs so that the process of applying the technology is simple, straight forward and intuitive. Sometimes you wonder why it isn't always done like that.

Step 2 Select the model that best suits your needs.

Hi-Tech currently has several models of circuit breaker finders that are digital. Hi-Tech also offers as accessories a set of high voltage adapter cables, an incandescent light fixture adapter and replacement transmitters.

For the consumer


Auto Calibration,
90-120v Operation

For the professional


Auto Calibration,
90-280v Pro
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