Frequently Asked Questions

What does the Hi-Tech unit do that others don't?

Hi-Tech offers a digital, self-calibrating circuit identifier at the price of most manual units.

How does the user know which circuit is being identified?

There is an audible tone that sounds as well as a flashing arrow indicating the correct beaker of fuse.

Does the Hi-Tech unit work on volt-ages higher than 250V?

Yes, The HTP-6P will work with the voltages up to 250V with adapter cables.

Is there a warranty?

All of Hi-Tech's products come with a limited lifetime warranty against manufacturer's defects.

What is the general delivery time if I place an order?

Orders are generally shipped within 24 hours of a receipt.

What if I leave my unit on? Will the battery die?

The HTP-6 and HTP-6P have a "smart switch" feature. This allows the unit to automatically power down after 5 minutes of non-use in order to avoid unnecessary drain of the battery.

How many models are there?

Hi-Tech currently has 4 models of circuit breaker detectors, 2 models that are manual calibration units, and 2 models that are digital, automatic units. Hi-Tech also offers as accessories a set of high voltage adapter cables, an incandescent light fixture adapter and replacement transmitters.

Is this product difficult to use?

No- it is very simple. Just make one complete scan of the breaker or fuse box to allow the microprocessor to calibrate itself; then make a second scan to identify the correct circuit.

How long has Hi-Tech been in business?

Over 40 years.

Who is Hi-Tech?

Hi-Tech is based in Illinois and manufactures its own line of circuit breaker detectors as well as private label products to other customers. Hi-Tech also sub-contracts manufacturing projects for many other companies using advanced, high-speed surface mount and through hole assembly equipment.

Can I get this technology anywhere else?

No. Out products are patented.